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Our Terms & conditions

  1. That the Distributor shall take all the necessary steps for promoting the sales of the products in the assigned territory and shall ensure the regular intake products and also explore the prompt supply to the dealers, retailers, Government, Semi Government, Educational Institutions, Hospitals, Shopping mall as well as Hotels & Guest houses etc.
  2. In case the Distributor fails to pursue in the Govt. Semi Govt, Educational Institutions, hotels, etc. in big way, the company has right to sale the product directly.
  3. The Distributor shall maintain sufficient stock (At least one month stock) in his hand in order to meet the requirement of the area at the time of need.
  4. That the Distributor has to book the product against advance payment and the delivery of the booked product can be supplied within a fortnight of receipt of advance.
  5. All the products are to be sold by the company against payment Ex-Bhubaneswar basis only. Tax as applicable.
  6. That the distributor has to pay Rs. 2 lakhs as security deposit of the company. Against the security deposit company will pay incentive yearly on performance basis. Amount will be decided by the account department of company.
  7. That the target sale will be fixed from time to time and the Distributor has to obey & maintain the target.
  8. That the company will arrange advertisement either in news paper or in media, by TV display etc and the cost will be borne by the company.
  9. That incase of any disputes or otherwise both the party can terminate this agreement by giving three months prior notice to each other. But the accounts should be settled within the three months notice period.
  10. That all the disputes are subject to Bhubaneswar Jurisdiction only.


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